Hello all! Ok so today I’m very excited to post about one of my proudest DIY projects yet. I know I have been posting mainly about room makeovers lately, but that’s not all I’m made of peeps! Little did you know, I have a strong passion for building furniture or up-cycling thrift store {and/or garage sale} finds. I think it all came from my love for turning something old and dingy into something new and beautiful. Oh… and that whole [I’m not a millionaire] thing! C’mon, we all work on a budget, right?? Anyways – I would say about 80% of my home decor & furniture is built from either antiques, DIY pieces,  or thrift store up-cycles. So you might be wondering… what in the world is so special about this post? Well remember this little inspiration photo I posted a while back?
Yes, that’s right.  The Factory Cart Table from Restoration Hardware. Oh how I love thee. I have been drooling over this dang coffee table ever since it came out. But… I wasn’t drooling over the ridiculously expensive price at a little over $1000. Yeah, I’ll pass. I’ve actually seen some of the authentic carts go for around $1600. I can’t even fathom that!??! But as much as the price scared me off for a while, I eventually came around and realized that I could totally make this. It took some convincing when I presented the idea to the hubby, but he eventually came around and we became dedicated to the cause! We were literally both constantly looking on eBay, Etsy, antique stores – you name it – for supplies to build this thing without making it look tacky or fake.


So I’m sure by now you are wondering how much this project ended up costing. Well, if I must say so myself, it all added up to around $150!!! Isn’t that pretty darn good?  Some of the supplies we already had, but most of them we didn’t. The $150 price tag included the vintage cast iron wheels as well:)


Warning – This was not an easy (or short) process, so this might be a long { how-to } post. Sorry y’all! Here is what we started with in the beginning:
We found a pair of 12in. diameter { authentic } cast iron wheels at $25 a pop at the Fort Worth Flea Market. AMAZING. Especially considering I had been seeing smaller ones on eBay for over $100 per pair.  Score!!


A few days later, I found the exact casters I needed on Etsy for only $40 for the pair. They were about 5in. in diameter and a little over 6in. tall. Exactly what we needed. Yay!


Here is the list of supplies that we used/bought. Some if it might seem odd at first, but you will find out why later.
** Ok pause! I have to interrupt here for a second.  The hubs just got home from work and is completely making fun of my descriptions/supply list! And yes… I have to admit, I am describing these supplies as a girl. A self proclaimed girly girl who has no idea what most of the REAL names are. And hey, I might be a girly girl, but I do know how to hold a hammer, ok??! I like to say that I’m the brains behind this project, and the hubby is the hands. (Minus the antiquing, painting, sanding etc. – that was all me my friends!) But needless to say, this was for sure a team effort here! OK, here we go!
List of general supplies:
Textured spray paint
Matte black spray paint
Lumber (I used decking wood. You might want to use your own measurements to fit your space, but I did consistently use 6in. wide planks throughout the project.)
 – 8: 6in. wide boards to build the top
 – 2: 6in. wide boards for the long sides
 – 2: 6in. wide boards for the short sides
 – 2: 6in. wide boards as supports underneath (not seen when finished)
Stain of your choice
Sand paper or electric sander (I used both)
4 Corner pieces (I think we used an L bracket of some sort?)
Nails to nail in corner pieces (We used roofing nails)
Bolts (16 of them – 2 per wood panel, and we had 8 panels of wood which made the top of the table)
Clamps – 4 – 2 for each side (to hold the casters in place on the sides)
L Brackets to make the table sturdy
Anything to beat up the wood to make it look old (hammers, chains, etc.)
To make the axle: 
(We did not have the authentic axle making supplies that we needed, so we had to get creative. We got all of these supplies in the plumbing department at our local home improvement store.)
** Make sure to measure the width of your wheel opening and make your measurements off of that. Our diameter was a little smaller than an inch, so we had to buy 1/2in. diameter tubing for the axle. We literally had to make 5 Lowes trips to get this right. If the cast iron wheel hadn’t been too heavy to lug around, we probably would have just brought it with us. Oh well! Lesson learned.
Axle – 24in. 1/2 dia. tubing (this is smaller because it fits into the 2 T-shaped tubes)
2 T-shaped 3/4in. dia. tubing
2 6in. long, 3/4in. dia. tube
2 round base’s 3/4in. dia.
2 1/2in. end caps to finish off the wheels
Not sure the real names of any of the plumbing supplies we used, so here is a picture that might help you when you go to your local home improvement store.
Ok now if that wasn’t confusing enough…We’re finally going to get down to the good stuff! The tutorial!! Here is a helpful layout of our process:
Whew! Ok so I’m sure your on information overload by now, but calm down my friends, we can do this! Now that you’ve seen our process, I will attempt to describe it all to you. Wish me luck!
First, we made all of our measurements on how big we wanted the table. Since we already had our wheels, we knew how tall it was going to be, so we went from there. I spray painted all the hardware {including the wheels} and let it all dry outside for about an hour or so.
We then went to Lowes and got the wood cut for us. Much easier that way. We had to make a few tweaks after we laid it all out at the house, but at least the majority of the cutting was finished. We created the basic box first with the outer pieces of wood & tacked in some nails to hold it in place. We then added the supports as seen here:
We used L brackets to keep them sturdy. Then we began bolt in the top boards into the supports. Two bolts per board as seen here:
The hubs pre-drilled the holes to make it all fit nice and easy. We then flipped it over and tightened the nuts into the bolts. By this point, the top of the table was very sturdy. Yippee!
The next step was to take care of the wheels and attach our {home-made axle/wheel combo} to the supports. The top was still up side down at this point. We left it that way and attached the DIY axle. This might help you understand:
We then flipped it back over and attached the casters. The casters weren’t quite tall enough, so we had to add a little extended piece of wood to really make sure it would stay in place. We used some clamps found in the hardware isle at Lowes. See pictures below to understand what I mean. We bolted these clamps in and tightened them VERY tight.
And finally, we added the corner pieces! We nailed them into the corners with our roofing nails. They were large enough to cover the holes of the L bracket corner pieces, but short enough to not crack the wood. Perfect:)
Whew! Ok I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted! Can we get to the fun part now?? The pictures!!!








For those of you wondering how I aged the wood, I will be posting about that soon {HERE}. But until then, I hope you have enjoyed my recent project as much as I did! I sure am happy we dove into this. It was a bit intimidating at first, but totally worth it!

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  1. Amy! What a gorgeous knock off! Beautiful! Make sure you submit this to Knock Off decor blog for a feature. You did an awesome job!

    • Thanks so much Roeshel!! I think you just read my mind because I actually just submitted it to Knock Off Decor! Wish me luck!

      • Any chance you have a more specific shopping list that you’d be willing to share? Names and colors of stain, size bolts, lengths to have wood cut to whole at lowes, etc?? I can’t wait to make this! THANK YOU SOOOOO much for sharing. I’ve been drooling over the RH one for years too. Somehow I like yours even better now!

  2. Hi ~ It sure looks like a RH table, your work is amazing, so awesome.


    Pearl 13.1

  3. Amy, you and your husband have done an outstanding job! It looks just like the Restoration Hardware table. No, I take that back, it looks better! You have also given a fantastic tutorial. You should link up with Miss Mustard Seed on her Furniture Friday linky party. You’re a shoe in for a feature (I’m sure you’ll be featured soon on Knock Off Decor too).

  4. Amy, you and your husband have done an outstanding job! It looks just like the Restoration Hardware table. No, I take that back, it looks better! You have also given a fantastic tutorial. You should link up with Miss Mustard Seed on her Furniture Friday linky party. You’re a shoe in for a feature (I’m sure you’ll be featured soon on Knock Off Decor too).

    • Thanks so much girl! I will totally have to stop on over to Miss Mustard Seed tomorrow and link up. Thanks for keepin me posted:)

      And I actually will be featured on Knock Off Decor on Tuesday, May 15th at noon {YAY}, so make sure to head on over there to check it out. Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Okay….I am speechless. That is so amazing. I have been wanting one of those from Restoration Hardware….and now….you just made my whole weekend. I am pinning this and shouting it out on Facebook.

    Thank you sooooo much for the inspiration.


  6. I just found this on Facebook (via Thistlewood Farm) and had to say WOW< WOW< WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You 2 did a fabulous job. I am keeping this in my favorites. My hubby and I are building a new home and I WANT ONE OF THESE!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the GREAT tutorial. XO, Pinky

  7. Thanks guys! This project was a blast and I really think anyone can do it if they dedicate the time;)

    • Thanks for letting me know about your linky party! I’m heading over right now;)

  8. I am featuring your cart at decor2adore{able} on the 27th.

    I would love to have you enter my weekly party at Its So Very Cheri–I would definitely feature it there too.

    Following along…


    • Oh wow thank you so very much!! I will for sure link up:):) Thanks for letting me know!

  9. Holy moly, Amy! That thing looks like the real deal! You’d have to spend $1,000 or more to buy one! GREAT job on this! Love it! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  10. WOWZA! You did an amazing job of finding AND constructing this great table! I’m SO going to follow YOU!

  11. Oh my goodness, this table is so amazing!! I just pinned it.

    Thank you for giving such a great tutorial on the how-to. I know that takes a lot of time to do. It turned out beautifully and now I want to make one too. Oh my, I think everything I just typed rhymes – oh well, a little poetry never hurt right? 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Thanks for letting me know about the link party! I just linked up and you found yourself a new follower:)

    • Thanks for stopping by! Just visited your site and it’s beautiful – you’ve got yourself a new follower:)

  12. this is wonderful. Just a fabulous knock off. The best I’ve seen. I’m not sure I thought this was possible – now I will have to look out for some of those wheels, because now I know it can be done! You earned a new follower!

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    I’m in the DFW area so it’s always neat to hook up with another Texan! Stop by and say hi when you can.


  16. Amazing! I love the RH cart too, and have even seen a few “real ones”–but they were close to the RH price! Love your version!

  17. You guys did awesome! You should really be proud. BTW – I had to chuckle when you said the hubs was giving you grief over part names. Hey, us hammer banging girly girls know just what you mean! Found you from the Newbie Party and a proud new follower! Looking forward to visting often.

  18. Wow!! I am so impressed! I’ve loved that cart too but not the price:) Yours is the best DIY copy I’ve seen yet. Great job – you should be proud of yourself and your hubby.

  19. Beautiful! You did a fantastic job, it looks every bit as good as your inspiration one! Congrats on a wonderful knock off! I’m visiting from Debbiedo’s Newbie Party

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  26. This cart is absolutely amazing. I have seen many of these, but yours is hands down the best. I can’t believe you were able to find those parts for such great prices!! What an wonderful tutorial too.

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  27. What an amazing job you both did, as well as, being an amazing team. No one would guess this was do-it-yourself. The authentic wheels really make it look old. Absolutely incredible job, Amy!

  28. Amazing I’m totally in awe. You and your husband did a fantastic job. I love that RH factory cart too. I cant believe you nailed it for 10% of the cost…Sigh.

  29. I have been swooning over this piece at RH for a long time too. i think yours is even nicer than theirs!! PLUS you have the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself. I give you a lot of credit, I am too intimidated to even try, but you did it!! GREAT job!

  30. I love the cart! I was debating getting one of these at the Country Living Fair last October- they sell there for $375- but the shipping was as much as the table so I took a photo vowing to make one. Definitely looks like a lot of work but worth the effort! Awesome job!

  31. Hi Amy,
    I’m a new follower! I found you through a comment you left at “The 36th Avenue”. So nice to meet you.
    The aged wood project caught my eye.
    Have a great day, Deb @LakeGirlPaints

  32. WOW… just wow. It looks authentic; no worries there alright. You guys should go into business selling them!

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  38. Whoa … this is amazing !! I absolutely love it. It looks better than the ones I’ve seen in the catalogs. And, it looks fabulous in your beautiful space, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  39. Amy you knocked this one out of the ball park…seriously! I loved it a few weeks ago and I sure love it now. Thanks again for sharing.

  40. That is so fantastic~ you and the hubby did a wonderful job working on this together. Don’t you just love it when the pieces all fall into place…on the cheap!
    I’ve seen those carts, well, I’ve seen ONE up close and personal — and they paid the price you mentioned! Your version is closer to my budget; plus there is the whole DIY factor– makes you proud!
    smile and enjoy–

    came over via– CaCC…

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    Stacey of Embracing Change

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  43. Holy Cow! I’m in love with this blog. I can’t believe I am only just now discovering it. I’m your newest stalker, er, follower. You have mad skills! I would love an industrial cart for a coffee table. Yours is the bomb-diggity!

  44. I can’t say enough…love it! Who doesn’t want one of these coffee tables in their own home? Just found you on Wow Us Wednesdays and had to hop on over. I just joined your site. Blessings ~ Judy

  45. Great job! That’s really beautiful! For anyone interested in making one but not sure they can do it from scratch, or unable to source the hardware & wheels, you can buy authentic (but rough) factory carts from Second Chance in Baltimore, MD. They run around $250 but you can bargain with them. They have dozens of carts. If you don’t live in the mid-Atlantic, Google local reclamation facilities or factory carts.

    Second Chance is a DIY’ers paradise! Check it out! http://Www.secondchanceinc.org

  46. Great job! That’s really beautiful! For anyone interested in making one but not sure they can do it from scratch, or unable to source the hardware & wheels, you can buy authentic (but rough) factory carts from Second Chance in Baltimore, MD. They run around $250 but you can bargain with them. They have dozens of carts. If you don’t live in the mid-Atlantic, Google local reclamation facilities or factory carts.

    Second Chance is a DIY’ers paradise! Check it out! http://Www.secondchanceinc.org

  47. Amy, That is one amazing DIY! I saw one at a yard sale a couple of months back for $100. It was in pretty rough shape, but I have been kicking myself ever since for not buying it! I could have at least used all of the parts off of it! Live and learn! Love your blog. I am your newest “linky” follower! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle.com

  48. I just found your tutorial, this is fantastic, I drooled over one of these when we were shopping for our furniture and decided it was way out of my budget. Now if I can talk hubby into trying it, I’ll be a very happy camper.

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  50. Good job on the cart.
    One tip for a future project, just in case it becomes useful. I made a cart by cutting down a larger genuine antique one to scale it to my living room and sofa. The wheels had the same rusty look that yours did when you found them. I didn’t want the rust to get on my very light colored carpet, so I clear coated them with satin clear. I wanted them to still look rusty, but leave no marks.
    I was disappointed to find that it changed them from light rust colored, to a deep dark brown. But once I got over my shock, I loved the color. It doesn’t look like they were painted, and still has natural variation like the rust, but in a warm deep dark brown color. The satin keeps them from being too shiny, but I wanted it even more dull. Some steel wool rubbed on it took the last little bit of shine off. Good job on aging your wood. It looks about like my 120 year old one did.

  51. Beth McCurdy Reply

    This is EXACTLY what I want for our vacation home on the beach but I don’t want to spend Restoration Hardware prices for a coffee table. I wish I had the skills/talent that you have to make this. Truly a beautiful piece. If you have any ideas of industrial/cottage/beachy coffee tables to purchase that are in the $300-5000 range, let me know! If I can’t find one, then I’m considering a console/buffet that has the vintage/industrial qualities that I’m looking for. Beautiful home. Enjoy your blog a lot.

  52. I have to say this is impressive. I saw few of these home made but this so far looks like the most doable..
    Could you say more about how you painted the harware. you mentioned both textured paint and black one. How did you use the paint? I am trying to restore an old cart that could potentialy look like the one from RH but got intimidated by the choice of paint… The cart is made of metal.

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  54. My son fell hard when he spotted the Restoration Hardware cart also. He went on a mad search for a cart. Found several some in need of real repair some not, some high price tags some not…all without the great looking “old” wheels. I have pinned this blog post on the board I made for him, and will text in the am for him to check this out. This will offer him some hope, I know…thanks!

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  56. Your table looks great!!
    Clearly a labor of love.

    side note: when you are using ‘decking’ wood and aging it – wear a respirator mask because pressure treated wood contains a ton of formaldehyde. When you sand it the particles you can’t see will enter your lungs and potentially cause serious health issues.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

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  60. I have a pile of decking wood behind the carport that a previous owner left. I am so making one of these. Any suggestions on where to find the wheels though? I can find the casters but no luck on the larger wheels.

  61. Marie MacLennan , NS Canada Reply

    Hi , can you give me some idea of what I would have to pay for one of these cart coffee tables ? thanking you for your reply in advance ,

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