Boy oh boy it’s been one heck of a spring! Chad and I officially tied the knot (just the two of us on the beach), we closed on our house (a 1922 craftsman/prairie mix), and we’re expecting our precious son (Hudson) to arrive in the next few weeks. I have to say – I feel rather blessed to have all of these things make their way into my life. Words cannot describe how thankful I am! With all of the good news, there also comes a bit of chaos, but in the absolute best way possible.

After planning  our wedding, buying our house, and being SUPER pregnant, exhaustion might be a good word to describe how I feel these days. Oh yeah, and there’s that full-time job to throw into the mix as well. Nothing like a jam-packed schedule, right? But that’s ok, because even through the exhaustion (though my blog posts are a bit less frequent) I’ve still got so much up my sleeve to share with you all. And let me tell you, I’m excited.

I’ve been working on a number of renovation plans for our new-to-us house, and the first one I’m revealing is our possible exterior makeover. The home is a beautiful dark red brick and I actually love it as is. I’ve debated the thought of painting it, but 90% of me continues to lean toward the lighter, brighter look.

Since this is such a huge decision, I’ve spent many hours photoshoping some options for Chad and I to analyze before any official decision is made. Below are a few “before and after” renderings I’ve created to help us make the call.


I truly love both looks, but again, my heart leans toward the creamy white brick, with that taupe/charcoal trim. Below are two examples of my color scheme inspiration.


source  |  source

The look is still so classic, but also modern and fresh as well. I also threw together some photoshop renderings of the front porch to get a feel for what it might look like. My goal is to turn what feels like a dark space into a space that reflects a ton of light and gives you a bright  and happy welcome.


Below are some of my porch inspirations. Not only would we paint the brick a creamy white and the trim a contrasting charcoal, but lighting would also be a must. Currently there is only one porch light, which just isn’t enough. Ideally, we would add a number of ceiling pendants, fans, and sconce lighting across the front of the home. I would also love to paint the bead board ceiling a sea foam blue, but we’ll have to wait and see if my better half is willing to jump on board!!


source  |  source

I’m completely in love with my inspiration photos and hope that one day we can make this happen to our home. Wait a minute, did I just make my decision without even realizing it? Err yeah, I think I might have.

I really do love the painted cream brick and dark trim, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it all fits into the budget. It’s safe to say this ISN’T a DIY I would ever want to take on myself, especially with such a historic home. I want to respect it as much as possible, which means leaving it in the hands of an expert. More to come!

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  1. The creamy white looks beautiful! I like the current look as well, but man! It is so bright and cheery in white/charcoal. Hopefully it will work out!

  2. LOVE the white! The red is charming but the white brings so much new life to this sweet little house!

  3. Leave it the way it is! The houses that you are using as reference aren’t brick Craftsmen homes. I have owned and lived in 3 different Craftsmen homes, 2 of them bungalows and one a foursquare. All of them would have looked weird and out of character if they had been painted. It’s also out of character of the philosophy behind the Craftsmen/Arts and Crafts movement. I would recommend that you learn more about the style and philosophy of that home style before you paint. You may also be lowering the value of the house by painting it. Think carefully also before you paint any of the original woodwork in the house. Everyone in my Arts and Crafts neighborhood who bought houses with the woodwork painted ended up stripping it.
    If your style demands such a different esthetic from the authentic style of the house you are living in, perhaps you’d be happier in a house that works better with your esthetic, such as a wood frame house or farmhouse style.

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thanks Grace for your feedback:) We’ve been going back and forth for sure on this decision. Thankfully the neighborhood we’re in has a ton of painted homes in this exact style and age, so if we did decide to paint, we would still be true to the area. All of the interior woodwork has already been painted over the years, which is also pretty common for the neighborhood.

      We did a bit of research on this house before buying it and found out that the architecture style is a hybrid of Prairie Style with a hint Craftsman, which was common in this particular neighborhood. A number of Prairie Style homes that were inspired by Frank Loyd Wright were actually painted or partially painted, so we’re not too worried about de-valuing the house or taking away too much of the history. I’m a lover of old homes and history, so keeping the historic charm is always on the top of my mind:):)

      And I do have to agree with you that the red brick is gorgeous! Such a hard decision!

      • Maybe it’s just us folks in St. Louis who are so conservative about our houses – we just love our red brick! In fact, it gets exported all around the country when (unfortunately) city houses are torn down. It’s funny about painting the brick because we recently moved into a 1950’s era house with really ugly brick (several shades of yellow, greenish, brown and red with weird squiggles pressed into it) and I’ve been going round and round about whether to paint it. My husband wanted to do it in the back and I conceded and now I really love it and think that I want the rest of the house painted. It’s just that there’s no going back. And, who knows, maybe ugly colored brick with weird squiggles will come into fashion some day. Okay, now that I’ve laid it all out – paint it is!

        • The Blissful Bee

          haha you’re too funny! The last house I lived in I also painted just the back porch white and ended up loving it! I totally would have painted the whole house (it was a 1950’s era home with orangish-colored brick) but ended up selling it before I could check that off the to-do list.

          Good luck with your brick painting decisions!! It’s always such a hard decision. My husband and I closed on this house a few months ago, and we’re still deciding on the brick. Not an easy choice at all.

  4. I wonder if you could combine both looks? Maybe lighten the trim but keep the brick. Both looks are gorgeous, but man that red brick is to die for!

  5. Stephanie Collins Reply

    Amy and Chad, I LOVE the white!!! Both are beautiful but the white is stunning and gets my vote! Can’t wait to see it either way!

    • The Blissful Bee

      Thanks Stephanie!! We keep going back and forth, so who knows where we’ll end up! The white is winning for sure right now though:):)

  6. Monica Carlyn Reply

    Absolutely LOVE the white! Can’t wait to see what you decide to do.

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