A few weeks ago I posted about my Lipton Ice Tea K Cups and thought it would be fun to get creative with other flavors of tea. I really love peach tea and wanted to experiment with a dessert drink I could drink over the hot summer months. You can use any brand of Peach Tea which makes this recipe so easy. The Crystal Light Peach Tea flavor would also be really yummy! There are only 3 ingredients, so making it for your kiddo over the summer is super quick and easy.



  1. Peach Tea – You can either use a peach tea flavored Keurig K Cup, or you can also use something like the Crystal Light Peach tea packets that you mix with water
  2. Fresh Peaches
  3. Blue Bell Peach Ice Cream (or any peach ice cream of your choice)





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  1. I’m drinking some peach tea right now. It’s warm though. I love hot tea’s and it’s freezing in my office!

  2. This float looks really good! I wouldn’t have thought of making an iced tea into a float.

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