So what do you do when you’re completely behind on everything related to Christmas?? Well, you go shopping the weekend before, get it all done in a matter of hours, then frantically try to wrap everything by the time the weekend wraps up.

Yupp. That was me this weekend. I ended up getting everything done, but somehow buying gift wrapping supplies kind of slipped my mind. Thankfully it all turned into a happy accident though. Why, you ask? Well I ended up making some really cool paper bows left over from my wrapping paper scraps. I guess that’s what happens when I’m backed into a corner! I get creative:)


So the process is super easy actually. All it required was some wrapping paper scraps, scissors and tape. I simply cut my wrapping paper into 1 inch strips and began making my bows. Below is a step by step to make things even easier for you guys.


And that’s it! I love how they turned out and will keep this little DIY in mind for next year.






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  1. Cindy Larsen Reply

    What a cute bow!! I wish I had seen this before I finished my wrapping yesterday….the last couple gifts I had to resort to curling ribbon.

  2. We’re traveling to California for Christmas and so in order to fit everything in our teeny carry ons we are waiting to wrap until we arrive. Obviously we will have very limited materials so this tutorial is SO helpful! Thank you for helping me make my holiday gifts beautiful!

    xo Rachel

    • The Blissful Bee

      Oh I’m so glad this is helpful!! As long as you have some tape and wrapping paper, you should be good to go! They took me no time to make;)

  3. How great you could supplement your wrapping needs with scraps and imagination. That’s what I love about bloggers, smart idea and the bows look fantastic. Love that blue/kraft checked paper. Just the right touch of rustic and awesome.
    I haven’t gotten any wrapping paper, have some from last year, won’t be getting gifts til Wed. Yeah I know, but no money to buy til Wed. I’m making gift card holders so we can give money to grand kids whom would rather get money anyway. They’re all teenagers and in 20’s now so money is requested.
    Last year we didn’t get paid til day after Christmas, had to scrounge for our dinner even. Believe me living on SS isn’t a fun thing but we make it. Have so many 5 week months we’ve adjusted. I look on it as a challenge to see how far we can make our food and money last.
    Hope you and yours will have a wonderful happy healthy Christmas & Happy New Year.

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