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Today I want to share with you some DIY photography props that I have been making lately. They might look rather complicated, but I promise you, they aren’t!
I finally got my new lens for my camera and I am SO excited to use it on my newborn session I have coming up on Sunday. In my excitement, I have been looking into different props to prepare for the shoot. I have been very inspired by vintage props lately and wanted to bring in some of that in my upcoming session. Specifically, vintage headpieces. After looking at some Etsy options, I quickly realized that this DIYer could TOTALLY make them on her own. So what did I do? Made a Joanns trip of course!
I was anticipating these projects to be much more time intensive, but thankfully they weren’t. When I walked into the store, I basically just walked around for an hour looking for anything vintage looking. I picked up a few hair clips from the jewelry isle, picked up a few flower clips from the “fake flower” isle, went to the “mask making” isle to find some nice feathers, and what do ya know? By the end of the trip I ended up with enough materials to make multiple hair pieces. My favorite find was the vintage inspired tule I used for the headpiece (seen above). Since most of the pieces I found already had clips attached, I didn’t even have to use any glue to piece these together. And the best part?? I can mix and match as well. Another favorite find was the lace I used to create a little princess crown. I might have to use some fabric hardener to stiffen the lace a bit, but so far the lace stands up rather straight on its own. Can’t wait to test out some of these pieces at my next photo shoot! Wish me luck:)
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