This week I’ve been all about the outdoor projects (as seen here and here) and today is no different. This time I’ve teamed up with a ton of amazing bloggers to bring you guys a month long of outdoor projects to kick off the spring and summer months ahead.

As some of you may know, I’m a Texas gal who lives in the wonderful city of Fort Worth. Minus the 110 degree summer temperatures, I love just about everything about Texas. That’s why today I thought it would be fun to give you guys some simple and affordable spring centerpiece ideas for all you southern girls out there.


Brown Paper Lunch Bags
Fabric Scraps
Raffia Ribbon
Fabric Ribbon
Basic Vases or Water Glasses
Baby’s Breath
Greenery Assortment

My vision for this look was to create a casual Texan centerpiece that didn’t break the bank. By using materials like brown paper lunch bags and fabric scraps, I was able to accomplish this look with ease. When putting together your arrangement, you can either use an actual floral vase, or something as simple as a water glass and insert it into your brown paper lunch bag. Simply tuck the top of the bag into the vase before you insert your flowers, or use some fabric scraps to tie off the top of the bag. The final step was to add some decorative ribbon and of course arrange the flowers.

You might have also noticed one of my vases is wrapped with driftwood. If you’re wanting to see how I created this look, click here for the full tutorial.

After just a few short minutes, I had created a casual yet elegant look for right around $6 per arrangement. Not too shabby huh?











Make sure to check out the rest of these amazing outdoor projects and don’t forget to come back next week to see what else we’ve got in store!

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  3. These look so pretty, Amy. Perfect centerpieces for a backyard BBQ or any summer party. Love that they were so inexpensive too. Thanks for playing along!

  4. Such a pretty project Amy! The colours are fabulous! My husband was in Texas last week for work and some day I plant to go with see to see Texas for myself! Have a lovely week! Angie

  5. This is such a pretty centerpiece Amy! I totally agree that it would be perfect for an outdoor BBQ party- I can see long picnic tables with benches and gingham and hanging lantern from the trees.

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