Earlier this week I posted about the Valentine’s Day $140 giveaway I’m involved in along with my DIY Valentine’s Day wreath I made. Today I am posting the tutorial on how I created my paper roses. These are relatively easy, but I will admit, they were a bit time consuming… which is probably why I only made a hand full! #lazybloggerproblems

First I started out with picking a few scrapbook paper patterns I liked. I then cut out a circle about 6 inches by 6 inches wide. Next you will cut a spiral into the circle shape.


You will then start rolling your paper from the outside flap with the pattern facing outward. Every half inch or so, start glue the paper layers together. Don’t glue too tightly though! I would give my layers some space so the shape actually looked like a flower rather than just a rolled up piece of paper.


Continue this method until you are all way to the end of the paper. Cut off the rounded end and glue it closed. You might also notice the center of the rose has the end piece of paper sticking straight up. I simply cut this off to even out the center.


And in the end, this is what you come up with!




I used a similar tactic with the coffee filters as I did with the scrapbook paper. The coffee filters are much thinner, so I would cinch them together and glue, rather than rolling the paper and gluing. Kind of hard to explain, but same general idea. So what do you think?? Will you be trying these paper roses for Valentine’s Day??

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  1. They look great Amy- especially in the patterned paper. I have used that same technique with felt before but never tried it with cardstock- need to give’er a go!

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