Last week I posted about my new gallery wall in my dining room. I even gave y’all a free printable so you all could have a part of my gallery wall as well! Last week I also mentioned the gallery wall was created out of old frames I had lying around the house. Today I wanted to show a little tutorial on how I updated one of my old frames.

Since the theme of my gallery wall was black and white, I used a combination of black and white frames. Most of my prints used some sort of accent color, but this particular print didn’t. It was simply black text on a white background. Since it was so simple, I wanted to add a color to the mat. Seafoam blue was my accent color in the surrounding prints, so I knew that was the color I wanted to use on the mat.


I simply dismantled my frame and placed the mat on some plastic (aka a target bag). I then spray painted my mat, giving it about 2 coats. You might notice in the process picture that “mid-spray” it gave the mat an ombre effect. I really love that look and just might have to try it for another project! But for this project, I was going for a more tailored look, so I wanted the entire mat sprayed. After 2 coats of spray paint and about 30 minutes of drying, my mat was ready for my frame! I decided to take out the glass of the frame to give it more of an “art work” effect. I also didn’t want the painted mat to potentially stick to the glass. No matter how dry the mat gets, there’s always a chance the paint could stick to the glass.


Here is a close up of the mat. I really love how simple it is. I don’t think it’s anything I would use alone on a wall, but it works perfectly mixed in with the other graphic prints of the gallery wall. Too simple to stand alone, but perfect mixed in with it’s friends!


And of course, Bailey girl  was there every step of the way to make sure I was doing it right:) She’s such a good little supervisor! And is it just me, or does her tail keep getting bigger and bigger??


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  1. I’ve updated mats before with craft paint. It is such an easy updated! Love you gallery wall!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. Katie Breland Reply

    Hi. I would like to have a print like yours with the number. How did you make this or is there a place to buy one? I new to your blog but love what I see

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