Don’t you hate it when you need something so particular, but you can’t seem to find it in the store and you’re just too lazy to make it yourself? Well, that was totally me the other day! I was in desperate need to make a cord cover for my new beautiful light fixture from Birch Lane, but was not having any luck in the shopping or DIY department.

The light fixture was perfect, but unfortunately I had to swag the light for it to properly hang over our table. This fixture isn’t meant to swag, so it didn’t look very natural when I attempted draping the cord. I knew all I needed was a simple cord cover to make the swag look a little more natural, but my sewing machine was still packed from our move and I had no idea where it was. I also spent a good 3 hours going from store to store in search of a cord cover with no luck. The solution to my problem? A quick no-sew DIY project involving one curtain panel and a pair of scissors.

I tend to keep all sorts of fabric scraps and old curtain panels. I never know what I will use them for, but they tend to come in handy, especially in times like these. I remembered curtain panels typically have about a 2 inch hem along the bottom and even sometimes a curtain rod pocket that is usually the same measurement as the hem. I dug through some of my old curtain panels and found just what I was looking for. I had an old curtain panel that was a neutral color and had a 2 inch hem along with a 2 inch curtain rod pocket. That meant I could use both the top and bottom of the panel to make one cord cover WITHOUT having to sew anything.





So what do you think? Pretty easy huh?? I’m so happy with the way it turned out and love even more that is was FREE. It also ended up matching perfectly with my Birch Lane fixture, which was an added bonus.

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  1. Just what I needed; something easy that doesn’t require sewing! Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant idea!

  2. This is a perfect idea for pretty-ing up TV cords on the wall also! Looks great!

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