Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the first week of the “Blue Christmas Blog Hop” that I am participating in. I am super excited about the line up we have.  There are some really great bloggers involved, so make sure to check them out!

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Today we are all focusing on Christmas ornaments and next week we will post about our wreaths and wall decor. The third week is all about mantels and tablescapes, and the 4th week we’ll be posting about our Christmas trees.


I don’t know about you, but I’m still kind of in shock that it’s already Christmas time… I feel like it was just yesterday that the hubby and I were looking at our house and getting excited to move in. That was last December. CRAZY. Anyways! Moving on to today’s project.

So I have to admit, I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about this project. I’m completely in love with how they turned out, but the project took a bit longer than anticipated.

Here is what you will need:
Fillable Glass Ornaments – I found mine at Michaels for HALF off!!
1-2 Sheets of Scrapbook Paper – Also found at Michaels at .29 cents each

So yeah, if your wondering, this project was CRAZY cheap. If I’m remembering correctly, it was less than $5 for 6 ornaments.

DIY _Glass_Ornaments

For the paper, I chose a fun feather print along with a light blue damask  print.

DIY _Glass_Ornaments2

Turn your paper over with the pattern side facing down. Trace around the ornament, making the circle slightly smaller than the actual circumference. I had to do this a few times and test it out in the ornament to make sure it was a good fit. You might want to try this out with scrap paper so you don’t ruin your nice paper. After I got the measurement correct, I used it as a template for the rest.

DIY _Glass_Ornaments4

Cut out your circle, roll it up and insert into your ornament.

DIY _Glass_Ornaments5

Use a a pen or pencil to push the paper forward. Be very delicate! You don’t want to bend the paper or push it too far forward. You want to push it just enough for it to stay in place.

DIY _Glass_Ornaments6

I think the look of these scrap book ornaments are so classic! They were a little bit of a pain, and took longer than anticipated to make, but I still really love them. They don’t look as pretty from the side, since its just a flat piece of paper, but I figure that won’t really matter since they are going to be nestled in my fluffy Christmas tree:)

DIY _Glass_Ornaments7

And of course my little Bailey was “helping” me throughout the entire project… AKA playing with just about anything she could get her paws on;)

DIY _Glass_Ornaments3

After I finished the first round of ornaments, I wanted to try another little project. I had a ton of fabric scraps left over from my DIY Photography Backdrop and I thought I would use those to fill my leftover ornaments. This project was WAY easier than the last. I literally just pushed a few scraps into the ornaments and I was done.

DIY _Glass_Ornaments8

They give off a completely different look than the scrap paper ornaments, but I still really like them!

DIY _Glass_Ornaments9

DIY _Glass_Ornaments10

DIY _Glass_Ornaments12


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  1. I love how these turned out – so beautiful and creative! My cats are equally as curious (which is why I’ve had to go to all plastic ornaments), but it seems to be the garland they are most attracted to 😉

  2. I love these Amy. This would be a great use for all of that pretty extra fabric pieces that I’ve been holding onto. I’d love for you to come by and share then at the Handmade Holiday Link party that just started today on my blog!

  3. Adorable! How did you not get the paper wrinkled? I can see myself getting a bit impatient and doing that, ha 😉

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  5. Nance in Reno Reply

    Years ago, my mom did this for us but used photographs of us instead. She also tied some satin ribbon at the top.

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