Lately I’ve been photographing the occasional food and drink posts for the blog. I’ve noticed I’m not 100% crazy about the way my granite countertops have been photographing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kitchen countertops, but I just don’t love how they look in photos because they’re a bit busy. I’ve been looking for a marble slab option instead (maybe purchasing a small sample or something?), but everything was just too expensive. That’s when I came up with my DIY faux marble backdrop idea. For only $5 for the entire project, I was pretty happy with my outcome!


I was recently walking through Home Depot browsing around for no reason when I stumbled upon the vinyl tile isle. I know what you’re probably thinking. Ew! Why?? Well I don’t know! I just ended up there! Anyways, I looked up and saw a faux marble vinyl tile for $.99 per tile. I wouldn’t choose this for my floor, but I knew it would be PERFECT for photographing my food and drink posts! All I had to do was stick them to a hard surface (because they are a peel and stick vinyl) and I would have my faux countertop.

I then wondered over to my local Dollar Store to pick up some foam board for the backing. I didn’t want anything heavy because I knew I would be moving it around a lot, so the light weight foam board was perfect! And it was only $1, so after purchasing 4 vinyl tiles at $.99 each, this made my entire project total up to $5. Not too bad, huh??



1. I bought 4 tiles, so my total backdrop size was 24 in. x 24 in. I laid my tiles out on top of my foam board (keeping the tile backing on) and then cut my foam board to fit the length of the tiles. KEEP the left over foam board because you will use it later.

2. Now remove the sticky backing and start placing your vinyl tiles onto your foam board.

3. There will be some tiles hanging off one end of your poster board, so you will need your leftover board for the next step.

4. Place your leftover board onto the remaining sticky tiles that are hanging over the poster board.

5. Once your tiles are attached to your board, tape the edges with masking tape to avoid a sticky edge. The vinyl tiles are REALLY sticky, so I didn’t want to put up with sticky edges all the time.

And you’re all done! I’ve used my faux marble countertop already in yesterdays post and LOVE how it turned out. It’s super easy and VERY affordable to make.



And just because I have to… Bailey and Bella were my sidekicks during this little project. As usual!

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