For some reason I have this strange attraction to “beachy” items. Theres just something about the beach that gets me every time! I love the textures and casual feel of it all. Even when its not summer I tend to incorporate beach themed items into my home.

Today I want to share one of my most recent projects with you all. I bulked up a standard glass vase with some driftwood I had left over from another project. You might all remember the Christmas lamp I created using driftwood. For the lamp project, I bought a garland of driftwood and took it apart. Once I was done with my lamp, I had a ton of driftwood left over (and still do!)


Since the driftwood came stranded as a garland, there were holes already in the driftwood. This worked out perfectly for my vase project! Using the holes that were already there, I re-stranded the driftwood. I then wrapped the strand of driftwood around the vase and pulled tight. This was a little more difficult than it sounds since I actually had to tie it myself. The first tie wasn’t a big deal, but you need to make a double knot in order for it to stay tight. This was the tricky part. Since the driftwood was so heavy, the second tie would knot before I wanted it to. In other words, the driftwood was loose around the vase. By the second or third try, I eventually got it tight enough. BUT if you happen to have a second person hanging around, it might be easier to have them hold your first knot in place while you make your second knot. Then your driftwood will be nice and tight around your vase.

OR if you have wire lying around, use that instead of string. I didn’t have wire, so I just used string. Either will work just fine, but the wire might be easier since it’s not as flimsy as string:)


Once your vase is finished, fill it with whatever you’d like! I really love the way this turned out. I also love that I can just slip the driftwood on and off in case I need to use my glass vase for something else.





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  1. I love beachy stuff too, especially driftwood. I live near the Missouri River and it has a ton of wood in it but I have yet to look into using it. I’d prefer it from a real beach but that’s not happening in Missouri! I like how the wood can come off your vase, smart thinking!

    • The Blissful Bee

      Ohhh you need to go on a driftwood hunt!! We have a lake right outside of where I live and I’ve been meaning to go on a little hunt of my own. It’s amazing how much fun stuff you will find!

  2. What a good job you did! Very nice. Following you on Facebook, Bloglovin and Pinterest. Linda

  3. I have a friend who would absolutely love this, Maybe I can make it for her birthday. Thanks

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