A few weeks ago I posted about my DIY Corn Hole Game that my hubby and I made. Today I want to show you guys how to make the bean bags for the game… Or should I say corn bags?? Although these might look like your average bean bag, they are actually filled with corn; hence the name “Corn Hole.”

At first I thought I would just use beans like a normal bean bag, but the hubby really wanted to make the game “regulation ready.” As he always says, “If your going to do something, do it right the first time!” Why does he have to be right?? I later found out that beans are more likely to break apart in the bag, and corn won’t. Looks like there is a method behind the madness!

If you missed my DIY Corn Hole post and you’re super confused about what I’m rambling on about, you can find that post here.


Alrighty, on to the tutorial!

These bean bags need to measure to 6×6 inches. Cut your fabric, leaving about a half inch extra fabric on each side. Turn your fabric inside-out and sew the sides of your bag leaving one side open. Turn your fabric back to where the pattern of the fabric is now showing. Poor 15.5 ounces of corn into your bag. I pre-measured my corn before I poured it into the bag. Fold under your fabric on the remaining open side and pin shut, then sew closed. And that’s it!


And here are the bags all finished up!





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  1. Julia @cuckoo4design Reply

    Who knew corn hole bags could be so stylish 😉 love it!

  2. I am going to need to make some of these. My bags are too slippery and slide right off. That must be why I am losing! Hahaha! We would love to have you link up at our weekly Super Saturday Link Party at MadeFromPinterest.net. We feature our most viewed and favorites the following Sunday. We would so love to have you on board!
    Sherri (the Baby of the Family)

  3. Amy, you are SO creative and talented. I can say I have never played this game, but those tables and those bean bags make me want to come over and play a few rounds. Very cute! Thank you for linking up to Thrifty Thursday and sharing such a cute tutorial.

  4. Have you used these bags? How are they holding up? Wondering if sturdier fabric is needed. Thanks. Yours are so cute!!

  5. How much fabric did you purchase? I’m wondering if 1/2 yard of each fabric was enough?

  6. I was wondering if I could fill them with sand….I don’t want anything that grow mold! What do you think?

  7. Love the stitching you used. We add rounded corners to ours and fill with resin pellets for all weather use. I’m not sure sand would feel right but worth a try.

  8. Why don’t you wanna sew the beanbags closed? What would you use to close them then? Thanks for the help.
    cheers Heather

    • The Blissful Bee

      Sorry for the confusion! You leave one side open so you can pour your corn into the bag. Once the bag is filled, then you will sew the remaining side shut!

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