If you’ve been following along with my parent’s renovation, by now you have seen their fireplace makeover, full room reveal, and details of their built-in’s. Today I want to share with you the child’s play area that we created for their grandkids. Now that my parents live close to my sister and I, my nieces are always playing at my parent’s house. My mom was worried that the room wouldn’t be kid friendly enough, so we wanted to add a little play area for the kiddos.



This table was actually built by my grandpa back in the 80’s for my siblings and I. I’m so glad my mom kept it because it’s so special to actually still have the table I grew up playing on. After a few decades of children using it, the table was in need of some TLC. My mom spent many days sanding down the table so she could re-stain and repair it.


Here is  a snippet from an email my mom sent me while she was working on the table…

“I remember sitting in my dad’s shop watching him make this table. He brought home really THICK chunks of oak from the Exxon Refinery and sliced the chunks into the thickness needed to build this table. He spent a LOT of time building it and now it’s time to give it a facelift. I remember hearing a loud noise one winter when we lived in our Norchester home. I found out the cold weather caused the top of the table to split in several locations. It sounded like a gun being fired. Well, your dad filled in the cracks yesterday, and now I am sanding it for a fresh look.

The chairs you guys used with the table came from an elementary school in Beaumont. Your Grandpa Goetz picked up the chairs and your Grandpa Vessels stripped many layers of paint off and stained them to match the table. Can’t even tell you how long that took! “

Isn’t that so fun to find out the family history behind it?? I’m just glad my mom took the time to give the table a little makeover. Now another generation will use it and love it like my brother, sister and I did.








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