Every year 9/11 seems to sneak up on me. One minute we’re in the easy-going Summer months of July and August and before we know it, we fast forward to September and are faced with remembering one of the most devastating moments in American history. Today I wanted to dedicate my color story to our beautiful country and take some time to appreciate this beautiful life God has given us.


Inspiration Photograph via Etsy

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  1. This month has sneaked passed me, I woke up this morning and thought about all those people 13 years ago. My heart is still heavy & with their families.

  2. Thank you for writing this. So many people seem to have just moved on completely, and don’t even take the time to reflect on one of the United States’ darkest days. Thank you for doing so.

  3. Great tribute. I was able to be in New York City this year on September 11th. It was a very powerful experience to see the tribute lights in person. Thank you for sharing this. Of all of the blogs I read (and that’s a lot) only five made it a point to dedicate a post to the September 11th anniversary. Thank you for being one of them. May we never forget.

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