Christmas Den Details

All week I’ve been sharing my Christmas details throughout the house and today I’m here to share with you the details from our den. I haven’t posted about this space yet, so I’m just going to give you all a little sneak peek:)

I didn’t decorate too much in here, but we did buy a REAL tree this year and decided to place it in our den. The entire space smells like Christmas at all times and I just love it. I think buying a real tree will become a new tradition. And yes, the cats have already had their fair share of tree festivities. We already a few broken ornaments AND branches!













And this is Bailey as she supervised:) She wanted to make sure I had everything JUST right!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Den Details

  1. Beautiful! But please keepin mind that poinsettias, if not poisnous as previosly believed , can at least make kitties pretty sick if nibbled!

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