Hi friends! Ok so for a while I’ve been wanting to post a survey to get all of your thoughts about the blog, but to be honest, I’ve been way too nervous! I want to make The Blissful Bee the best it can “bee” (haha sorry, I had to) and I would love to hear some honest feedback from you guys. Even if the honesty might sting a little bit! haha… did it again. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Bee? Sting?? You get it… moving on!

I’ve seen other bloggers do a survey and they offer these really awesome prizes for people to possibly win as a reward for filling out the survey, but… I don’t have a really awesome prize today. Just a little blogger wanting to hear your thoughts! I hope you take a few seconds to let me know how you feel about my blog and the way I do things around here. Every thought is MUCH appreciated!

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Thank you for stopping by The Blissful Bee! I'm Amy and I'm the writer and designer behind the blog. I have a passion for interior design, fashion and simply living a stylish life. I hope you enjoy your "stay"!

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