The Blissful Bee


For the past few weeks, I have been working on perfecting our back patio. There have been many {mini} projects going on, and this is the latest. It’s our light fixture that hangs over our dining table:) We originally had a fan hanging over the table, but from the moment we moved in last September, I knew that thing had to go. Expecially once we added the dining table! It needed something to make the look complete, but it took me a while to figure out just what that was. I debated whether I wanted a candleabra, or an actual light. The light would attract bugs and be a lot harder to hang… And the candleabra I had my eye on was $70, so that wasn’t going to work either. So on to plan C!

Guess what time is it?? It’s chevron curtain time!!! Yupp – It’s taken me a while to get this post together, but it’s finally here! Now before we get started, I will warn you that these curtains did take a bit of time. They were relatively easy to make, but definitely involved some major patience! But don’t you fret my friends – once they are all done you will be so happy with the outcome;) Now lets get started!!


So I’m not sure about everyone else, but I think I had the best weekend I’ve had in a while! Such a beautiful 3 day weekend full of friends and family. I took a nice little break from blogging and simply relaxed. It was fabulous!! Now that I’m all recharged, I am here and ready to post another project. If you are into the beachy/nautical craze that I am going through right now, you might like this post. It’s all about my new hand painted anchor side table. Here is a peak of the final product:
A few weeks ago I posted about my recent { DIY Factory Cart Table }. During that process, I discovered an amazing process to aging wood.  In the past when I needed to age wood for a project, I typically grew impatient and didn’t put in the time or effort to do it right. I did the whole {hit it with a hammer} trick, and called it quits. I blame it mainly on my laziness and desire to finish the project quickly, but after researching actual vintage pieces, I really grew a true love for the real thing. But… as we all know,  sometimes you just can’t always get the real thing. That’s when I knew I needed to dedicate the time to more authentic process.
Hey guys – so as I promised I am back with more projects! This time it’s a small little makeover, but none the less, it’s still a project! This was so simple to do and really made such a big difference. When I made over my {laundry room} a few weeks ago, I stole a piece of artwork I had hanging in the kitchen. I now had a blank wall in my kitchen that needed to be filled. And as we all know, you can’t just leave a wall blank! Especially when you had something there already. It just looked naked and incomplete, so I had to fix it.