The Blissful Bee

So I’m not sure about everyone else, but I think I had the best weekend I’ve had in a while! Such a beautiful 3 day weekend full of friends and family. I took a nice little break from blogging and simply relaxed. It was fabulous!! Now that I’m all recharged, I am here and ready to post another project. If you are into the beachy/nautical craze that I am going through right now, you might like this post. It’s all about my new hand painted anchor side table. Here is a peak of the final product:
A few weeks ago I posted about my recent { DIY Factory Cart Table }. During that process, I discovered an amazing process to aging wood.  In the past when I needed to age wood for a project, I typically grew impatient and didn’t put in the time or effort to do it right. I did the whole {hit it with a hammer} trick, and called it quits. I blame it mainly on my laziness and desire to finish the project quickly, but after researching actual vintage pieces, I really grew a true love for the real thing. But… as we all know,  sometimes you just can’t always get the real thing. That’s when I knew I needed to dedicate the time to more authentic process.
Hey guys – so as I promised I am back with more projects! This time it’s a small little makeover, but none the less, it’s still a project! This was so simple to do and really made such a big difference. When I made over my {laundry room} a few weeks ago, I stole a piece of artwork I had hanging in the kitchen. I now had a blank wall in my kitchen that needed to be filled. And as we all know, you can’t just leave a wall blank! Especially when you had something there already. It just looked naked and incomplete, so I had to fix it.
Hello all! Ok so today I’m very excited to post about one of my proudest DIY projects yet. I know I have been posting mainly about room makeovers lately, but that’s not all I’m made of peeps! Little did you know, I have a strong passion for building furniture or up-cycling thrift store {and/or garage sale} finds. I think it all came from my love for turning something old and dingy into something new and beautiful. Oh… and that whole [I’m not a millionaire] thing! C’mon, we all work on a budget, right?? Anyways – I would say about 80% of my home decor & furniture is built from either antiques, DIY pieces,  or thrift store up-cycles. So you might be wondering… what in the world is so special about this post? Well remember this little inspiration photo I posted a while back?

Today I will be posting about our recent office makeover. When we moved in last September, I always knew I wanted the 3rd bedroom to be an office, but the hubs had another plan… He wanted to make this room a movie room. Well as much as I would have loved that, it just wasn’t realistic. We would have had to buy the 72in. flat screen that he had been eying, and that just wasn’t possible right now. I mean who needs a 72in. TV?? We also would have needed to buy everything else that goes into building a media room. So that’s when I knew we needed to just go with the office plan that I originally had. Sorry hubs! It actually worked out in both of our favors because we both work at home occasionally – so he gets to use it, and so do I. I wanted to make this room a bit more masculine than the rest of our house since he didn’t get his media room. I chose a predominately black and white color scheme with accents of neutrals. Here are some pictures of the new room:

Man, I’m exhausted and it’s only Wednesday! Am I alone here? I feel like I’ve somehow fit a million hours into 3 days. This week has seriously been so crazy because the hubs and I have been working hard to create our DIY Factory Cart Table. I will say, this has not been the easiest process I’ve ever gone through. In fact, it’s been more difficult than I anticipated. Let just say, I’ve been to Lowes SO many times this week, that they recognize me… And I’m not even joking. It’s bad.

So over the past week or so I’ve been posting a few projects from my recent laundry room makeover. I first started with some great inspirations I had found off of Pinterest. I then replaced our awful existing light with a refurbished industrial pendant. And my most recent DIY project was the no-sew window valance. There were of course many more { mini } DIY projects going on, but those were some of my favorites!

Today I’m posting about another project from our laundry room makeover. We have a small window and needed a window treatment. I really didn’t want to buy another valance, but I did remember I had some left over window panels from our previous house that we have not yet used in this home. I pulled them out to see if they were workable, and luckily they were! They were black floor length panels that I had bought from Target a while ago for about $10 per panel. For this particular project I only needed one panel. (I ended up using the other panel for a different project. There will be a post coming soon!)  I’m sometimes lazy when it comes to sewing, so I really didn’t want to drag out my sewing machine for this project. Thankfully I figured out a way to make a no sew window valance with just a few easy steps. Here is my tutorial as best as I can explain it. Sorry for the black fabric – kind of hard to give a clear step by step with a dark fabric!