The Blissful Bee


We’ve now been living in our house for nearly four months. And in those four months, I’ve been testing and analyzing our appliances so I can give you guys some of my honest feedback. Picking out appliances was a difficult process made much easier by the helpful appliance sales team at Nebraska Furniture Mart and reading reviews.  Considering how much I appreciated having reviews at my fingertips, I am giving a full review of our new 30” Frigidaire Professional Freestanding Gas Range. Ok, let’s break it down!

You’ve seen them in Better Homes and Gardens. You’ve seen them in Architectural Digest. Heck. You’ve seen them ALL OVER Pinterest. They’ve become a staple in the ideal southern home and I’ve been dying to have one for quite some time. Let me introduce to you the hanging swing, also known as the hanging bed due to its literal bed-sized dimensions. I’ve been obsessing over them for some time, and here’s why.

After months of our backyard being in “demo mode” as our pool was being built, it was hard to imagine how amazingly bright and bold it would soon become. Months of brown dirt and grey concrete became our new norm, but soon enough our world would transform from black and white to color. I just posted about our pool progress in this post here, so make sure to check it out to get up to speed!