I don’t normally have much of  green thumb, which is why I never attempt to keep plants, but this Summer my front porch really needed some lovin’. I think I’ve just felt really cooped up in our little rental lately, and since I know we’re not moving any time soon, I’ve been “nesting” outside. No, I’m not preggers, I’ve just really been missing interior design lately. And since I obviously can’t change anything on our rental, I’ve been moving outside to add some color to the space.


A few weeks ago my mom (who DOES have a green thumb) gave me some plants for my front porch. I was worried at first, because I KILL every plant that I touch, but she told me not to worry because these things will grow like weeds. Weeds, you say? PERFECT. I think I can handle that.

And for those of you wondering, these miracle plants are called Purslane and they bloom SO many colorful flowers everyday. They are awesome! I water them once every other day in our Texas heat. And just an FYI, they bloom anytime the sun is out, and “go to sleep” when the sun isn’t out.


I’ve also been accumulating a bit of a succulent garden as well. Apparently these are nearly impossible to kill as well. I’ve had them for a number of weeks/months and they’ve stuck around, so I guess that means they like me. I guess we can be friends.


I just finished my front porch mini makeover, so I will be posting about that soon, but today I wanted to give you guys a little sneak peek of my pretty flowers and succulents. I love how much color they add to our house. It makes me so happy every time I walk in the front door!

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