Happy Friday, y’all! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which got me in the mood to dress my table for just about the girliest brunch you’ve ever seen. Today I’ve teamed up with Wayfair.com to prove to you just how EASY it is to set up a last-minute party in no time.

My full post is on Wayfair’s blog today, but if you’re wanting to stick around for a bit, I’ve got some great eye-candy (and party-planning advice) for you to get inspired.

So first thing’s first. I have to admit I’m not much of a planner. I’m more of a let’s-throw-something-together-on-a-whim-and-hope-it-works-out kind of a gal. That’s normal, right? I bet you’re already thinking, great – this girl is about to give me party planning advice? THIS should be interesting!

Typically when you think of throwing a brunch, or any sort of gathering for that matter, most people get intimidated by the food, table setting, decor, invitations etc. that go into planning an event. Whew, even I just got stressed thinking about all of that! Well, guess what, if you’ve got a few staples already stashed away in your cupboard, you’re already 90% done! I’m not a chef. I’m not a party planner. But I do know that a formal gathering doesn’t always have to be so formal. Making a quick trip to the store to pick up some ready-made food and fresh flowers IS ALLOWED. Shocking, right?


For this setting, I stayed true to my on-a-whim ways. I chose a handful of table-setting pieces from Wayfair that I knew would remain in style for decades to come. I wanted to start collecting those “staple” pieces so I would never have to stress about another gathering. Like I said before, if you’ve already got everything on hand, throwing together a party is so much easier.

Gold and a light coral(ish) pink were the two main colors I chose for this particular setting. I wanted to keep things girly, but also modern as well. That’s why for my table runner I chose a graphic print to give the table a more contemporary, less traditional feel. And you’ll never guess what it’s made out of – a CURTAIN PANEL from good ole Target. Did I do any cutting or sewing? Nope. Lazy? Or efficient? I’m going to go with efficient. I took the panel right out of its bag, unfolded it until it remained only folded once, in half. The crease was so perfect from its packaging that I simply left it folded. Hard to tell, right??




Some of my favorite pieces are the gold accents you see throughout. I’m just about obsessed with the gold flatware and also loving the ikat drinking glasses as well. I originally planned to use them as vases for a few flower arrangements (so versatile, right?) but I later decided to use them for their original purpose. Either way, they’re adorable and so classic. I love how they have that vintage look, yet are so contemporary as well.




So what are your favorite pieces in this table setting? Make sure to check out Wayfair’s blog post to get all the details on the products I used for this post.

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