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By Tali Wee of Zillow

One of the benefits of being a homeowner is having plenty of space for both function and comfort. Homeowners can remodel and redecorate to create cozy areas within their homes for reading, relaxing and regrouping from long hours of busy life. Although not all homes have surplus space to build out rooms specifically for tranquility, most homeowners can revamp a space here or there allocating private space for comfort.

Regardless of where cozy corners end up, the basic requirements are lighting, warmth and comfort. Begin searching for a spot with lots of natural light or well-lit lamps. Next, make sure the location is near a heat source; nothing is more unpleasant than trying to read while freezing cold. Lastly, ramp up comfort by adding a couple pillows, a throw for extra warmth and a coffee table for simple access to soothing beverages.

With these requirements in mind, create the perfect cozy corner in these seven locations.


1. Bay Windows
A popular spot for relaxation is inside the alcove of a bay window. Homeowners who are up for the challenge can build a bay window bench and pile it high with comfy pillows and windowsill coasters. Or, avoid the hassle and hire a contractor to create a built-in with extra storage drawers or shelving. Bay windows allow tons of natural light in and the nook creates a sense of seclusion that seems to amplify relaxation.


2. Kitchen Nooks
To avoid construction, switch up routine by eating meals in the dining room and utilizing the kitchen nook for a sunny getaway. A cozy wingback, high-back chair or rocking chair with a side table is perfect for reading the morning paper. Don’t skip on the blanket in this location as homes tend to be a little cooler in the morning.


3. Fireside
Cats curl up right in front because the warmth of the fire is unlike any other cozy spot in the home. Mimic the family pet by adding an oversized chair or chaise near the fireplace. Electric fires are perfect for spontaneous indulgence because they amp up the comfort level with just the flip of a switch.


4. Home Libraries
Many homeowners have spaces full of bookshelves, often doubling as home offices or living rooms. These home libraries are ideal spaces for cozy reading corners. Add a comfy couch or chair to the room for relaxation and privacy. When books line the walls they act as extra noise insulation creating an isolated getaway for those looking to wind down.


5. Game Rooms
Sometimes shooting a game of pool is the mindless activity needed to release some daily steam. Otherwise, family game rooms or man caves are typically underused so they become perfect places to carve out little corners for other activities such as reading, blogging, crossword puzzles or cell phone games.


6. Tubs
Indoor and outdoor tubs don’t usually get much use. Homeowners can gain a new appreciation for a tub by using it as a personal escape. The fresh air outside can be rejuvenating. For homeowners who don’t have hot tubs, enjoy individual relaxation by drawing a warm bath. Soaking is a great way to ease sore muscles as well as catch up on some reading. Amplify the experience by investing in a bathtub board, bath pillow and Epsom salts for aromatherapy.


7. Porches
As the weather warms up, create a comfy spot on the porch. Some porches are more private than others, but even people-watching can be a method for relaxation. Add a porch swing to rock while reading. A couple of pillows and a warm throw complete the experience.

If a cozy retreat is high on the priority list, there’s a way to incorporate one in any home. Homebuyers searching for new homes should consider looking for properties with comfortable, sunny nooks already built in to create their perfect little oases.

All photos courtesy of Zillow Digs.

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