After months of shopping around for appliances, and finally making my decision, I can officially say I feel like an old pro. I’ve never had to buy appliances in bulk before, so this was an experience I really learned from. I took my time and did my research. Here’s what I learned.

Disclosure: I was financially compensated for this post as a part of Nebraska Furniture Mart and Frigidaire’s brand ambassador’s program. All opinions are completely my own based on my experience. In the months leading up to writing this post, I shopped around and researched other brands and stores in order to be able to write an honest and informational article. 

5 Effective Tips on Purchasing Appliances | The Blissful Bee Blog

Compare pricing daily and take notes.

Many retailers have sales. They have sales that last an entire month or just a day. I’ve shopped for big-ticket items online, bookmarked a few online, and realized right before I’m going to buy them, that they’re no longer on sale. It’s tricky though, because after looking at so many places (and so many prices) it’s hard to remember what that initial sale price was. Did the price drop again? Did it increase? Ugh. I can’t remember.

5 Effective Tips on Purchasing Appliances | The Blissful Bee Blog

The simple solution is to compare pricing DAILY. It seems annoying, but it will be worth it, especially on those pricier items, like appliances. You can also find stores like Nebraska Furniture Mart who offer low pricing all the time. But even if you find a retailer with consistent low prices, make sure to take notes and take a picture of item with the current price tag. After many weeks of shopping, it’s so helpful to be able to go back and take a look at your phone to see a.) when you actually took the photo, and b.) the price tag on the actual item.

5 Effective Tips on Purchasing Appliances | The Blissful Bee Blog

Ask way too many questions.

When I arrived at Nebraska Furniture Mart, I already had a list of favorite brands and models. As soon as the sales associate introduced himself, I quickly started asking questions. Questions that I simply couldn’t find answers to online. He was super helpful and was able to answer everything with confidence.

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Usually I’m a little hesitant to ask questions because I don’t want to “bother” people. I think, “I’ll just google it instead.” But buying appliances is expensive, people. This purchase wasn’t anything I wanted to simply “google.” Did I rely on the good ole’ world wide web for a few of my questions? Yes, or course, but having someone there — in person — helping me along the way was just another element that calmed my nerves and told me I was making the right decisions.

Don’t just look online.

With such a busy lifestyle (full time job, mom, wife, blogger, and being pregnant – again) it’s so tempting to just purchase appliances online. It’s so easy, right? You can sit there with your computer in your lap, click a few buttons and you’re done.

5 Effective Tips on Purchasing Appliances | The Blissful Bee Blog

Well as much as I wish it was that easy, in the long run it will be a bad decision. When it comes to appliances, seeing them in person is key. It can save you from making a $6,000 mistake – or who knows, maybe a $10,000+ mistake. My Frigidaire appliances are from Nebraska Furniture Mart, which is about an hour away from my house. I looked at some of my favorite appliances online first, but wanted to really get a feel for them in the store too. I’m so glad I did! It reaffirmed my decisions and allowed me to get a good feel as to how they would actually look and function.

5 Effective Tips on Purchasing Appliances | The Blissful Bee Blog

 Read reviews.

I didn’t rely on this 100%, but reading other peoples reviews online did help. It opened up other people’s “real-life” experiences. Appliances can be such a personal decision, so I didn’t want reviews to completely change my mind one way or the other, but it did help me weed out some other brand names that I thought were good products. In the end, reviews made me even more confident in my decision on purchasing from the Frigidaire Professional Line.

*Another helpful tip: When reading reviews, I mainly looked for brand consistency, how the product held up over time, feedback on the company’s customer service etc.

If you need it, (because who doesn’t?) find a store that offers financing.

5 Effective Tips on Purchasing Appliances | The Blissful Bee Blog

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Buying appliances can get expensive! Especially when you’re having to buy them all at once. And especially if you’re finishing up a 10-month renovation. Yikes. So when shopping for appliances, it’s always nice to find a store that offers financing. For example, when I went to view my Frigidaire appliances at Nebraska Furniture Mart, they were offering an amazing interest-free financing plan. Um, yes please.

So what have been your experiences with shopping for appliances? Stressful? Exciting? Probably a little bit of both, but hopefully after today’s post the experience won’t be as intimidating.

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  1. We recently purchased a range from Nebraska Furniture Mart. We absolutely love it and their install team was Amazing!

  2. I liked how you mentioned that seeing an appliance in person is key to picking something you like. I have been looking online for new appliances for my kitchen, but none of them feel right. I think it would be a good idea to actually see them in person, and see what one I like the most.

    • The Blissful Bee

      Yes! That was huge in making my decision. It’s such a big purchase and so hard to make a decision just by looking online. It’s always good to actually go and touch the appliances that will be in your kitchen for years to come!

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