Happy Friday everyone! I’m so excited for todays post because I have teamed up with 9 other bloggers to give you guys a chance to win a $300 Target gift card! My girl Aniko from Place of my Taste was awesome enough to think up this giveaway and it couldn’t come at a better time. We all know it’s Back-to-School time for most families and a little bit of extra cash is never a bad thing. Especially when it’s a gift card to the most awesome place on earth, aka Target:)


Alrighty let’s start the weekend off right! Good luck!!

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  1. I love Target because they have nice clothing for my kids and groceries.

  2. I actually have a love hate relationship with Target. I love everything there! Especially their clearance sections! But I hate Target because I always leave with a trunk full of things! 😉

  3. Mary Happymommy Reply

    I love Target because the kids’ clothes are inexpensive and adorable.

  4. i love target because I can find pretty much anything I need (and lots i don’t need) there! i always want to buy everything in there from clothes to home décor. love it!

  5. What’s not to love about Target?! They have a great clothes section for women, children and men and cute home decor and party supplies.

  6. I love Target because I can find everything I need in one store. I particularly enjoy the season Home department with pillows, entertaining items, etc. However, it’s also my go-to shopping for back to school, groceries and cosmetics. Thank you!

  7. I love Target because I can get a lot of home accessories for a great price, especially if they go on clearance!

  8. Why do I love Target?

    Well, because I can’t seem to enter that store and leave without spending over $100. I joke around with the cashiers that I came in for deodorant and ended up leaving with lamps, towels, a cute scarf, and a movie. There is always a special something extra (or two) to be found @ Target!

  9. Carolina Little Reply

    Oh I love Target because I can find the cutest decor and clothes and I don’t need to spend a ton of money!

  10. I love Target because you can get just about everything you need for your home and your children for a great price.

  11. What’s not to love about Tar-JAY 🙂 It has great deals and such lovely items.

  12. I love Target because I can always find deals on linens, toiletries, kitchen gadgets, groceries, and so much more. I can always find something I need at a great price.

  13. Target always has what I need and what I want. Better choices than Walmart or Kmart in my location

  14. Brandy Burbridge Reply

    I love targets home decor, I can spend hours in that store!!!

  15. Target always have the best stuff for decorating the house. And the clothes are good quality !

  16. Lacy Daniels Reply

    I love Target because of the mobile coupons, cartwheel savings, and general great deals. It helps that everything they carry is super cute : )

  17. I love Target because of their UC grad Michael Graves designed products. #Bearcatpride

  18. Deborah Adair Reply

    You can find apart everything you want in one place at a good price.

  19. Target is definitely my favorite place for pretty much everything! Food, clothes, home decor, kids clothing, beauty products… it’s pretty much amazing 😛

  20. Kathy Hendrickson Reply

    I love Target! They have everything and they support new designers.

  21. I love that I can get so much of my shopping done in one place- everything from clothes, to household items, to fresh produce! Target is the best!

  22. Lynn Palmatier Reply

    I love Target because they are so close to my home and have everything I need when I need it.

  23. Why I love Target? It is my paradise and nemesis at the same time; whenever I go, I spend about $100 (wasn’t that what I used to do whenever I hit Ikea?) and leave happy. Their home décor department is just great; so many options, reasonably priced, fresh design, functional and pretty…. what else could you wish for? I love Target!

  24. I love Target for all of their affordable housewares and clothing!

  25. Target is really affordable for college students on a tight budget!

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