20 Beautiful Pantry Solutions

Do you ever randomly get the sudden urge to clean out your entire house from top to bottom?? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me this week! I got the Spring cleaning bug and by the end of it I had a clean house and 2 garbage bags filled with items to head off to Goodwill.


I’m sure I’m not the only one who caught the cleaning bug, so today I thought it would be fun to get inspired by some fabulously organized pantries. The hubs and I don’t actually have a pantry in our kitchen (just a few cabinets) so I was basically drooling over all of the stunning pantries I found across the lovely inter web. Like seriously. I’m totally pinning these for future home ideas!


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6 thoughts on “20 Beautiful Pantry Solutions

  1. I am in the same “no-pantry” boat and am totally jealous of all of those photos. A walk in pantry is like the equivalent of a walk-in closet to me. :) The spring cleaning spree must be going around – I was up until 1:00 organizing my closet, haha.

  2. Thank for the pictures! I just love pantries. The house I bought had a long skinny hallway behind the kitchen with closet doors all along one side. My husband took out the doors and the wall the doors were in and made it into a room with cabinets and shelves. I love my new pantry more than my kitchen and we made a room where there was none. I have it decorated with jars of home canned food and vintage Pyrex.

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