So as I’m sure you all have figured out by now… I’m kind of an animal lover. And by “animal lover” I mean I’m a crazy cat lady. Yes, it’s true! I try to refrain from posting multiple pictures of my sweet kitty cat, but sometimes I just can’t resist!! Oh gosh… I think it’s about to happen…


Yupp. It just happened.  She’s just SO cute though! I really can’t resist sometimes!!

So needless to say, when I received an email from Hometalk looking for me to create a {Pet Project} board, I was totally down for it! I am an avid user of Hometalk already, so it was pretty much a perfect match for me.  It gave me a great excuse to post pictures of my little Bailey girl, AND another great excuse to gather some fun pet projects that other animal lovers are passionate about as well. If you have a furry friend of your own, make sure to check out my {Pet Project} board on Hometalk to see some of my favorites. It’s pretty amazing what pet owners come up with to satisfy their sweet pets.

Check it out [here] or click on the picture below!



I also have a pet project of my own seen [here]. It’s a hidden litter box made from a piece of furniture and a standard window panel!


And it happened again… More pictures of Bailey! Ok, I swear no more:) But really though, if you want to see some fun Pet Projects on Hometalk, I hope you visit my new board! I really did love seeing how passionate others are about their animals. Bailey has brought so much joy and laughter to my husband and I’s life, I can’t imagine not having her around!

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