14 Items You Need from the Nate Berkus Target Line

Ugh. Why does Target always have to torture me? I get the emails. I see the ads on facebook. I follow them on Instagram. Whyyyyy do I do this to myself?

My latest bit of agony came from a dang Facebook ad pushing the new Nate Berkus line. Of course, I clicked. The LAST thing I need are more things for the house, so I thought I would simply share some of my favorite items since I wont be purchasing these for myself. Well, I’m going to try to resist the urge at least. We’ll see how well I do.

  1. Black/White Classic Accent Rug – (2’X3′)
  2. Brass and Marble Coffee Table
  3. Ceramic Marble Canister
  4. Console Table White
  5. Earthenware Camel Figurine
  6. Natural Tassel Throw Pillow
  7. Diamond Dot Vase
  8. Fabric Storage Bin
  9. Cream Diamond Embroidered Pillow
  10. Glass Agate Accent Table
  11. Corded Tassel Throw Pillow
  12. Ceramic Marble Ring Dish
  13. Brass Hexagon End Table
  14. Screen-Door Nightstand

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2 thoughts on “14 Items You Need from the Nate Berkus Target Line

  1. I know the Target struggle well, they have also been picking up their home decor game lately and it is hard to resist. This line in particular is one of my favorites, it has a bit of something for everyone; from modern to more farm house!

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