Since finding out about our little dude that we’re expecting this July, there have been so many new and exciting thoughts popping through my brain.

Of course many of them are the typical thoughts of a new mom-to-be, like: “How in the world will I know how to take care of a HUMAN?” or “I’ve only taken care of cats. Does that count as a pre-requisite?” or even… “I’m really proud that I’ve mastered the dry shampoo look for so many years. I think this will really prepare me for motherhood.”

I really have no idea what motherhood will bring. Honestly, I don’t think anyone does until it happens to them. But one thing I do know is that my life (our life) is about to change. In an attempt to prepare for this massive life change, I’ve started building my registry and thinking about things like cribs, high chairs, and of course a diaper bag.

The in-your-face pastel, over-sized baby print with monkeys or puppies all over the place isn’t really my thing. Let’s be honest, the baby won’t care how “adorable” his or her baby bag is. Toys? Sure. Those can be obnoxiously bright and annoyingly loud. But my baby bag is something I would like to fit my taste. That’s when I started my search for the ultimate chic, yet practical diaper bag.

From my research I found there are actually some pretty good options out there. They’re not even as expensive as you may think. The one I’m asking for is only $100 and you can find it at Target. I also noticed there were many backpack options, which I found really appealing. There are going to be about a billion things to carry along with our little guy, so throwing on a backpack sounds very practical to me.

1. FAWN Design – Brown ($145)
2. Honest Diaper Bag – City Backpack Black ($149)
3. MARC JACOBS Nylon Biker Diaper Bag ($295)
4. JuJuBe Legacy Be Right Back Backpack – The Queen of the Nile ($155)
5. Skip Hop Highline Convertible Backpack – Oyster Stripe ($199)
6. TORY BURCH Thea Nylon Messenger Diaper Bag ($395)
7. Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack, Black ($100)
8. Matt and Nat Diaper Bag – Natural ($130 – $195)
9. TORY BURCH Quilted Slouchy Baby Bag ($395)
10. JULIEN Backpack + Stroller Straps ($465)

For a few weeks I debated between # 2 (the Honest Diaper Bag/Backpack), #7 (the Skip Hop Downtown Chic Backpack) and #1 (the FAWN design backpack). After going back and forth, I ultimately decided on #7. I liked the look of #2 better, but the compartments and ease of use of #7 (the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack) won me over. I also loved that Chad could carry it without him feeling weird. It’s black, simple, and something even a guy wouldn’t mind toting around.


It even comes with a laundry list of features like: a stroller strap (SUPER important to me) bottle pockets, a wipeable liner (also KEY), backpack straps (duh), a ton of compartments and a flap-over closure with a drawstring (LOVED this). The drawstring appeared to be really practical, which was another one of the main reasons I ended up choosing this bag. I also loved that this was available at Target, so I could add it to my registry and HOPE that I get it! If not, it’s only $100, so it’s totally doable.

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  2. Amy, this is a brilliant compilation and those bags are definitely chic! I am in love with the look of number 1 and 2, but the color of 1 is soooooo dreamy and soft! Do you know if that one has stroller straps?

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